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Thank you for purchasing from us! If you are dissatisfied with your purchased Painbreak product, you have the option to return it according to the following returns policy, valid from 26/01/2023.

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Scope of application: PB Pharma GmbH takes the legal requirements for ensuring the safety of medicinal products and medical devices seriously: Therefore, delivered defect-free goods are generally not taken back by us. Exceptions are regulated by the following clauses. In the case of unsolicited returns and those that do not meet the following exceptions, PB Parma reserves the right to destroy the goods without credit.

Returns process: Returns can only be sent back in coordination with PB Parma GmbH customer service and require a completed returns notification and the following documents: delivery bill and order number. For all returns that do not meet the above requirements, PB Pharma GmbH reserves the right to destroy these unsolicited returned items; in these cases, no credit will be issued unless the goods are defective. The return process must also be followed when returning defective goods in order to enable the return to be processed quickly (see "Defective goods" below). Therefore, the general rule is that goods can only be returned with the prior consent of PB Pharma GmbH. PB Pharma GmbH is not obliged to return such goods, which the buyer returns without prior consent, to the wholesaler, to take care of their storage; rather, PB Pharma GmbH is entitled to destroy these items without replacement. Any return shipment in these cases shall be at the risk and expense of the purchaser.

In general, a return presupposes that the buyer has demonstrably complied with the applicable legal requirements with regard to the returned goods (in particular the Pharmaceutical Trade Ordinance GDP Guidelines, Medical Devices Ordinance, storage instructions in accordance with the instructions for use, etc.). The return (except for defective goods) is only possible in complete, unopened, unglued original packaging. Medical samples or samples of goods opened or empty packages will not be taken back.

1. Defective goods
Defects must be reported to the customer service of PB Pharma GmbH immediately after receipt of the goods. In principle, the goods must be checked for their defectiveness immediately upon receipt. In the case of visible, obvious defects, the defect must be reported to PB Pharma GmbH within 5 working days. In case of hidden defects the legal regulations apply. The affected goods must first be secured and, if necessary, returned after consultation with PB Pharma GmbH. In principle, notices of defects are always to be reported to PB Pharma GmbH, enclosing a description of the defect and a copy of the delivery bill. The customer must avoid damage to the goods during return by using transport-safe packaging.

2. Wrong deliveries

In case of delivery of wrong goods or wrong quantities the following special rule applies: The PB Pharma GmbH customer service must be informed about the wrong delivery immediately, but at the latest within 5 working days after delivery. Then the further procedure (e.g. return or destruction of the goods) will be discussed. Later complaints, i.e. complaints due to a wrong delivery, can no longer be accepted.

3. Callback
In principle, in the event of a product recall, the product must be returned to PB Pharma GmbH in accordance with the recall text published in the trade press within one month of the announcement of the recall at the latest. With the official product recall, detailed information on the return and reimbursement of costs will be provided. Later returns can no longer be considered.

4. Goodwill

As a gesture of goodwill and in the spirit of cooperation based on partnership, PB Pharma GmbH is exceptionally prepared to accept returns of defect-free goods if at least one of the conditions listed below is met. A return of goods as a gesture of goodwill does not constitute an obligation for PB Pharma to act in the same way in similar cases (no precedent). PB Pharma GmbH is not legally obliged to exchange the defect-free goods. In the case of a goodwill return the purchaser will receive the compensation of the respective calculated value in the form of a credit note after return of the returned goods and inspection (see below).

5. Short remaining shelf life
The buyer is obliged to ensure the longest possible sale of the goods purchased from PB Pharma GmbH before the expiration date. Thus, PB Pharma goods with remaining shelf life of less than 6 months from the delivery note date - at the earliest 3 months before the expiry date - can be returned to PB Pharma in compliance with the returns process. For already expired, opened, labeled, pasted or damaged goods (except immediately reported warranty cases) there is no exchange or return possibility.

6. Out of distribution

In case of an out-of-sales/out-of-trade acceptance due to a change in the risk-benefit ratio of the product or other safety concerns, the goods will be compensated with the invoice price (minus storage and discount). The respective product can be returned within 3 months from the date of out-of-sale/out-of-trade acceptance. If the expiry date has expired at the time of receipt of the returned goods, the remuneration is reduced to 25% of the invoice price, provided that the expiry date is not more than 3 months ago. If it is more than 4 months ago, then no compensation will be made. Returned goods due to out-of-stock/out-of-trade purchases with a total value of less than € 50.00 per shipment are excluded from return.

7. Initial stocking / restocking
In the case of an initial stockpiling expressly recommended by PB Pharma GmbH to the wholesale trade for a newly introduced PB Pharma product, the purchaser may exceptionally have a limited right of return of 3 months from the delivery note date for the first order. If a repeat order is placed after the first order with the recommended initial stocking / restocking, the right of return shall expire.

8. Shipment
The return shipment must be made in a sturdy shipping carton (no paper bag). The costs for the return shipment shall be borne by the customer, unless PB Pharma GmbH is responsible for the return; in the latter case PB Pharma GmbH shall reimburse the shipping costs or commission a logistics company with the collection. Costs for freight collect shipments will be deducted from the credit amount if applicable.

9. Documents to be enclosed
The following documents must be enclosed with each return shipment:
- Copy of the delivery bill or invoice
- BTM delivery receipt

In case of destroyed goods additionally:
• Proper destruction protocol according to § 16 BtMG in copy.
• Empty folding box of the destroyed goods.

Please send your return or recalled goods to the following address without exception:
Für BtM / Nicht-BtM
PS Pharma Service GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Straße 10
40670 Meerbusch
Deutschland (Germany)

Contact person:
Mr Stefan Wink
Phone: +49-(0)2159 - 914 ???
Fax: +49-(0)2159 – 914 445