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We have been training experienced professionals in pharmaceutical marketing for 20 years. We are still hiring!

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Current Vacancies

The basis of our success is qualified and satisfied employees who do their utmost to provide medicines of the highest quality. Each individual makes an important contribution to the success of our company.

We are always looking for talented and motivated people to help us grow. Take the next step in your career with us and apply!

Don't see a suitable job offer? Then simply apply on your own initiative!


Fast growing, reliable and innovative company


Intensive cooperation in a highly ambitious and dynamic team


Versatile tasks in an international environment


Attractive remuneration and interesting further training and takeover opportunities

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Work at PB Pharma

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We are committed to tolerance, fairness and equal opportunities Diversity that unites.

The diversity of our employees and an appreciative attitude and approach at all levels of our company are essential components of our philosophy. This includes fair working conditions, an inclusive working environment, wages in line with the market and other labor regulations.

Our appreciation is the same for all employees - we do not discriminate on the basis of personal characteristics such as nationality, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity.

We expect our employees to contribute to a positive working atmosphere through their behavior towards each other. The opportunity to learn about other cultures and ways of thinking when working together is an enrichment for all employees and contributes to the company's international success in the long term.

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Employee benefits at PB Pharma

Drinks and Snacks

In our kitchen you can get coffee, tea and water at any time - as much as you want and of course for free! And for the little hunger in between, fruit and small snacks are ready.


Our lunch is delivered with Mealmates! Mealmates are the perfect alternative to the cafeteria for us. Ordering is totally uncomplicated and the dishes are super tasty. The Mealmates meal is also subsidized by PB Pharma.

Employee Surveys

Nobody is perfect. That's why we conduct employee surveys and feedback interviews at regular intervals. This is the only way we as a company can respond to the needs of our employees and continuously improve!

How to reach us


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